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The INTRODUCTION TO MATLAB and SIMULINK COURSE is a two day hands-on laboratory course that makes extensive use of examples and stresses practical modeling and simulation techniques.  The course covers MATLAB fundamentals and commands, language constructs, matrix and vector operations, manipulations and functions, math functions, graphics, control flow, M-file scripts and functions, file I/O, and SIMULINK fundamentals.  The course also covers selected portions of the Control System and Signal Processing Toolboxes and the practical usage of SIMULINK for application areas of interest such as electromechanical systems, electric motors and motor drives, motion control systems, chemical process control, signal processing modeling and simulation.

The INTERMEDIATE MATLAB and SIMULINK COURSE is a two, three or four day, hands-on laboratory course intended for engineers with some previous MATLAB experience.  The course includes a review of the above MATLAB material, but delves deeper into sophisticated usage of SIMULINK, including vectorized model and subsystem construction, compound masking, and importing and exporting SIMULINK data and parameters.  The use of MATLAB and SIMULINK for modeling and analyzing signal processing and control systems is also covered, as well as many practical hints and caveats to achieve successful simulations.  The class develops, builds and runs several SIMULINK models of practical control system and signal processing problems found in industry.  Selected portions of the Signal Processing and Control System Toolboxes, such as practical analog and digital filter design may be included, as well as digital control examples.

An ADVANCED MATLAB and SIMULINK COURSE for seasoned users allows more time to work on SIMULINK problems of interest to the class, to cover system identification fundamentals and examples, to introduce the use of the DSP Blockset and cover additional Tooboxes and Blocksets and/or advanced SIMULINK topics such as S-function construction, extracting linearized models, parameter estimation and dynamic process optimization.  This course may also be added on to the Intermediate Course, above.

Customers may also request a 3 to 5 day CUSTOMIZED MATLAB and SIMULINK COURSE with covered Toolboxes and Blocksets you select from the list below and case studies prepared for your specific application. Simply call with your requirements, and we'll draft a free customized course outline you can distribute to interested in-house attendees.

Sample Matlab Code Sample/Hold


  • Control Systems Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Blockset
  • Simulink Control Design


  • Computer peripherals
  • Electromechanical systems and products
  • Mechatronics
  • Control system design/analysis
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization
  • Chemical and industrial process control
  • Signal processing and filtering
  • Test equipment/instrumentation
  • Digital servo systems
  • Motor and motion control
  • System identification/parameter estimation
  • Aerospace and naval signal & control systems
  • Speech Processing


  • Taught by Dr. Sidman
  • Hands-on, laboratory instruction
  • Extensive use of examples, hints & shortcuts
  • Class examples tailored to the specific interests of attendees 
  • Case studies developed for your applications
  • Practical modeling and simulation techniques
  • Unique interdisciplinary approach 
  • Flexible on-site scheduling
  • Advice on your technical concerns  
  • Each participant receives a disk containing course material, case studies and models


Dr. Sidman's courses reflect his extensive experience in the modeling, simulation and optimization of dynamic systems spanning a wide range of industries.  Diverse members of your team will appreciate his practical perspective and unique interdisciplinary approach. And, as a recognized leader in both product development and applied research with over 40 years experience, participants will benefit from Dr. Sidman's expert advice.  

Dr. Sidman
has been teaching MATLAB and SIMULINK since 1994 and has been a Third Party Provider/MATLAB Partner, performing both alpha and beta testing for The MathWorks.  

Please see Dr. Sidman's MATLAB NEWS & NOTES feature article, Control Design Made Faster and More Effective.

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