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  • Optimization of constant speed DC brushless motor servo in a 3D spatial positioning instrument
  • DVD player digital servo system design
  • Simulation and analysis of a hard-bearing dynamic balancer machine for rotors
  • Dynamic simulation and digital control system design of vibratory conveyor system for food processing
  • Capstan DC brushless motor servo system in a high speed VCR
  • Dynamic simulation and animation of vibrating Coriolis flowmeter
  • Objective speech quality analysis tool
  • Automotive stepper motor actuated EGR valve system simulation
  • Transmission line reflection and propagation visualization tool
  • Digital phased-locked loop simulation and phase detector evaluation
  • Optimization and analysis of low cost variable speed AC motor control in medical and commercial applications
  • Dynamic simulation of radiation heat transfer in a strip steel annealing furnace
  • Tilt-cart regulator control system and sensor analysis
  • Automotive chassis and engine dynamometer motor drive and control systems
  • Modeling and dynamic simulation of an electro-hydraulic servo system
  • Magnetic disk drive head positioning digital servo system design and optimization  
  • Tape film transport mechanism modeling and servo system design
  • Low cost, high performance DC motor control system|
  • AC induction motor vector (field-oriented) drive system
  • Mechanical and control system modeling and design for Eurotunnel rail cargo bomb scanning mechanism
  • Chemical process kinematics modeling, parameter estimation, optimization and control
  • Non-compressible fluid servo valve profile optimization
  • Electro-optical servo positioning systems for aerospace/defense and entertainment applications
  • CD-ROM head positioning servo and operating shock and vibration sensitivity simulation
  • Adaptive runout correction system for disk drives
  • Active shock and vibration control system
  • Adaptive digital control of a lightly damped flexible structure
  • Competitive DSP benchmarking for computer peripheral applications
  • PC video board phase locked loop / ring oscillator VCO simulation
  • Digital PID control system for textile factory machinery
  • Active damping adaptive control of a very lightly damped mechanism

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