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is a technical expert with over 40 years of practical industrial design experience. He specializes in the design, optimization, simulation and control of electromechanical and mechatronic systems. He received a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1986, is the named inventor on eighteen U.S. patents and the author of many technical papers. He is a member of the IEEE and the ASME and has consulted to a wide variety of companies and organizations worldwide. His career has spanned product design, advanced development, applied research. He founded his engineering consulting business in 1989.



Dr. Sidman provides expert witness and technical consulting services in intellectual property and technology related litigation. He is experienced in patent, trade secret, breach of contract and consumer product class action litigation, and provides clients with technical interpretation of patents and claims, including invalidity analysis, technical literature research, expert reports, declarations for inter partes review petitions, deposition and trial testimony, as well as assistance with technology licensing negotiations.  See a list of Dr. Sidman's expert witness cases.


Dr. Sidman provides practical technical consulting for your hard to solve design issues. His customized, fully-parametric simulation models and design tools will enhance the performance and robustness of your servomechanical or mechatronic product and broaden the capabilities of your design team. 

Projects span a wide range of applications, from precision disc drive servo systems to stepper and DC brushless motor control to AC induction motor vector control systems operating at hundreds of horsepower. See a list of representative design projects.  Clients include manufacturers of computer peripheral, data storage, automotive, motor and motion control, semiconductor, aerospace, chemical, entertainment, steel and defense equipment. 



Dr. Sidman's extensive experience as a recognized leader in both product design and applied research brings a unique practical perspective and interdisciplinary approach to his courses. By scheduling your course on-site, your engineers are able to discuss design issues and receive expert technical advice for their specific project needs.   Clients are encouraged to supply their own sample problems which Dr. Sidman may incorporate as class examples.  

Dr. Sidman's most popular on-site classes have been his Digital Servo Systems Short Courses and his hands-on MATLAB/SIMULINK/Toolbox Training Courses for practicing design engineers and scientists.



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